Tool Rebel Stories

Meet Laura Price - Tool Rebel

It’s safe to say that the Tool Rebel phenomena affects a continually growing number of fans in many ways, not only us, the Wera Team, but also you – Team Wera! We’d like to introduce you to Laura – from Osset, West Yorkshire.


Its Spring 2015 and Wera UK have found a new partner to work with in the shape of The James Hargreaves Group, a Plumbers Merchant based in the north of England. After successfully trialling the Wera Innovation Tower in 5 branches, we are now well on the way to being able to boast presence in all of its 50 locations (a few branches left to install at time of going to press).

Each install comes with training, so the branch can get an understanding of each and every tool on the display, and understand the Wera brand and its history, quality, innovations, fan base and successes.

In July 2015, the Wera Team rolled in to the Ossett Branch to install their Innovation Tower and hopefully convert Gav, Martin, Gary and Laura into Tool Rebels! Before long the Ossett team were on board, they were loving the Wera brand and philosophy, and product was flying off the tower! Given the success of the day, and since we carry around the leftover transfer tattoos from Goodwood Festival of Speed, it was a no brainer to grab a photo for social media!

This is where things get interesting. Laura is already a fan of tattoos, and now, as a newly converted fan of Wera proudly sporting a Tool Rebel transfer, she asked what would happen if she got the tattoo done for real…

Surely she cant be serious?! After explaining we couldn’t take responsibility or officially encourage it, Laura reiterated her desire to demonstrate her new Tool Rebels passion for real at the Demonstration Morning the following day! Even the morning after when receiving messages telling us she was at the tattoo shop, we couldn’t quite imagine that she was serious! SHE COULDN’T BE?!

And then we received the pictures to the right.

Needless to say the entire Wera UK team had a momentary lapse of composure, followed by the realisation, satisfaction and appreciation that Team Wera are as passionate about being Tool Rebels as we are!

It’s not every day that we rock up to a retailer, put up a display & give a little product training, help host a breakfast morning…and a member of staff is so inspired by all things Wera that the very next morning she gets a permanent reminder of us inked on her leg! This is what we mean by the ‘Tool Rebel effect’. And whilst we still can’t condone such a drastic step, we can’t help but be more than a little impressed…

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