The Zyklop Mini

Filigree design combined with incredible robustness – this is an industrial-strength tool. Enables rapid screwdriving even in confined working spaces. The Wera Zyklop Mini is used whenever there is insufficient space to work with a power tool or conventional hand tools.

Zyklop Mini 1 & 2

The fine tooth mechanism, with its 60 teeth, allows a small return angle of only 6° – ideal for precision work.

Zyklop Mini 1

Thumbwheel enables rapid screwdriving, even when there isn't sufficient room for ratcheting use.

Zyklop Mini 1 & 2

Simple switching between left/right operations.

Zyklop Mini 1 & 2

Its slim design makes it ideal for all particularly confined working situations.

Zyklop Mini 2

The Zyklop Mini 2 is suitable for the direct attachment of the special Wera Zyklop sockets 8790 FA. These sockets feature a very low height, ideal for confined working spaces.