Textile boxes

The textile boxes offer dramatically improved portability, and are space-saving to boot! This means you can now carry the same collection of tools, in a much more compact and comfortable package.. The hassle of running back and forth for the right tools has now become a thing of the past. And the much lower weight of a set makes carrying more convenient than ever before. The textile box including the tool will even survive a fall undamaged.

Robust and dimensionally stable

The robust and dimensionally stable material protects the tools carried against damage and moisture and enhances the service life of the tool container.

Variable thanks to the hook and loop fastener system

The hook and loop fastener system means that other Wera 2go system components can be just as easily attached to the Wera 2go 2 Tool Carrier as all other Wera tools in boxes and pouches with hook and loop fastener zones. This enables an individual composition of the tools needed for a specific job.

High resistance against cuts and stabs

The robust and dimensionally stable material is very resistant against cuts and stabs. The tools carried are protected against damage and moisture. This enhances the service life of the tool box.

Perfect system supplement

Thanks to its hook and loop fastener zone, the Tool Quiver can be docked with the Wera 2go 1 tool carrier and with the Wera 2go 2 tool container.

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