Solutions Case Study - The Benefits of Stainless Steel Tools


Throughout industry, stainless steel fixings are still being plagued with the issue of rust, despite the inherent chemical properties of the stainless steel being used. This is due to conventional steel tools being used on the fixing, which in turn leave a carbon imprint – rusting over time. This common issue, referred to as extraneous rust, led to inception of the Wera Tools Stainless Steel range, featuring screwdrivers, screwdriving bits, as well as Torx and hex keys.  

Due to the mechanical characteristics of stainless, a specialised vacuum ice hardening process needed to be developed to ensure the tools could withstand the forces required during screwdriving applications. The advanced nature of our process has made us truly market leaders in this field and we have recently joined the British Stainless Steel Association (BSSA) to help combat the issue of extraneous rust across industry.  

For some industries such as the offshore industry, stainless fixings are commonplace across many jobs that come in and as engineers from the business will eventually be servicing them upon their return it makes sense that they are fitted with the correct tooling to prevent issues further down the line.  

The introduction of stainless tooling may also reduce the frequency that certain jobs come back onto site, due to the stainless fixings staying fit for purpose for longer.   

The use of stainless tooling also shows a commitment to adhering to correct working practices, enhancing the reputation of the business.  

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