BTCC Stories

British Touring Car Championship 2021

Our relationship with the Pete Osbourne who announced at the start of 2021 his ownership of Motorbase Performance, also continues to develop. Our first involvement was in 2017 when we supported Pete’s son Sam in the Clio GT series. 2018 saw Wera in a full year of Clio racing with Sam, but also in the mix was Pete’s other son Jamie in the Ginetta Junior series. Our Goodwood Festival of Speed stand featured both of these great looking cars.


2019 saw Sam move to the immensely competitive and very tough BTCC for the first time driving in a rather dated MG GT, which nevertheless provided a good initiation to the series.

2020, the very strange year for all brought so much hope and expectation for all at the turn of the year, but descended rapidly into unknown territory. Sam moved to the MB Motorsport team and contested the series (once it got off to its delayed start and hectic schedule) in a Honda Civic Type R. More competitive than the MG, Sam just missed out on the Jack Sears trophy due to early engine issues and some on-track bad luck.


Wera’s dramatic growth and brand presence in the UK and globally has brought with it the need for improved communication with the widespread community that uses our tools and who form our fanbase. Motorsport and the Festival of Speed fits right in with the Tool Rebel ethos and reaches a wider audience who come from many backgrounds personally and professionally who have the love motors, competition and above all else, the appreciation of standards being challenged in common.


On another matter, Wera UK Managing Director Ian Walford, says “Without any doubt, climate change and the need to make massive steps in a short period by all organisations and communities throughout the world will bring about revolution. What has been and what is now is about to be challenged like never before to become totally sustainable”. He adds “Wera made its biggest change in 2014 from using plastics in it’s packaging to recyclable cardboard (amongst other steps) and our interest in the BTCC extends our interest as they move initially to hybrid engines from 2022. I’ve no doubt that after this racing will move on to other energy sources such as hydrogen and synthetic fuels for example with no harmful emissions. Electric will run alongside for sure”.


It’s going to be an interesting ten years ahead.

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