Tool Rebel Junior Academy

We question standards. You too?
Then you are exactly right for our competition.

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The idea

We firmly believe that we can challenge existing standards again and again. Tools are far from being limited for us! Creativity is the origin of our tools. So what could be better than promoting talent, original thinkers and rebels?

Who can participate?

All organizations, initiatives and individuals who have committed themselves to inventiveness: provided that the participant(s) be between the ages of 12 and 18 at the time of submission.

How to participate?

Teenagers between 12 and 18 question existing standards, and solve a problem in an imaginative way. The project doesn’t have to be tool-related. Nevertheless, there must be a concrete result, which much be submitted in written form or as a photo or video.

The jury

The submitted works will be judged and awarded by Wera and an external jury. We look forward to working with the Wuppertal Junior Uni.

The prize

The Tool Rebel Junior Academy is not a one-off. Each quarter, the top-rated work receives a Wera scholarship worth EUR 3,000. One half will be paid in cash, the other half will be in the form of Wera tools.

Anything else?

All rights to the submitted works remain completely with their authors.

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